GP Health Assessments

GP Health Assessments are available to all patients 75yrs and over, and for our 55yrs and over Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander patients.

The aim of this Health Assessment is to provide early detection of health issues, and assist in providing necessary support systems ensuring that our older patients can live comfortably and independently for longer in their preferred residential setting.

A GP Health Assessment will begin with one of our experienced registered nurses who will spend approximately 30 minutes with you prior to seeing your doctor. This will include reviewing your past medical history and current medications, memory testing, blood pressure and pulse check, and ECG and spirometry monitoring in accordance with your specific health needs.

You will then be seen by your regular doctor who will further discuss any health issues or concerns identified in the Health Assessment.

If you have any other specific health concerns during the GP Health Assessment, you will need to make another appointment which can be made with the assistance of our reception staff.

OCFD now has a self check-in kiosk at our reception desk:

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Ensures regulatory checks and patient privacy.
  • Verify details in 5 seconds with the Medicare card reader.
  • No need to broadcast your details in the waiting room.
  • Check in with your Medicare card or personal details.