Kid’s Health

Care for young people from infancy to teenage years.

Specific care for women’s physical, mental and emotional health.

CDM (Chronic Disease Management)

An in-depth look into your health and preparing a plan to aid in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases.

Identify, prevent, and treat health issues for those who are 75 or older.

Boost your immune system and prevent disease and viruses.

Specific care for men’s physical, mental and emotional health.

 Improving the Health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

workforce screening for prospective employers

For advice on monitoring your blood pressure at home.

Performing minimally invasive procedures in our specialised treatment area.

Prevent, identify, and treat skin conditions and cancer.

Speak to one of our helpful nurses.

Injured at work? Lodge a WorkCover claim.

Do you take a considerable amount of medicines? Learn about medicine management in the form of a HMR.

NEW iron infusion is recommended for some patient with low iron levels.

OCFD now has a self check-in kiosk at our reception desk:

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Ensures regulatory checks and patient privacy.
  • Verify details in 5 seconds with the Medicare card reader.
  • No need to broadcast your details in the waiting room.
  • Check in with your Medicare card or personal details.