Billing information

One Care Family Doctors is a mixed-billing practice.

The standard fee structure is as follows:



Standard fee:

Concession Fee:

Medicare Rebate:

(How much you get back)

Standard Consult





Long Consult





Extra Long Consult


$ 218.00



All fees and billing schedules are up to the discretion of each doctor and may vary from the above. We require full payment on the day of your appointment.

We can then lodge your claim with Medicare at the time of payment for you and you can expect to receive your Medicare rebate in your bank account the following day.

Why do doctors charge private fees?

Medicare was introduced to provide a rebate to you when you seek health care to assist with meeting the cost of your care. Since introduction governments have failed to increase your rebate in line with inflation.

Over the years the operating costs for running a general practice such as rent, medical supplies, wages, digitization, etc. have all risen at a far greater rate than your rebate.

During the 4.5 years of the COVID-19 pandemic the practice has absorbed much of the significantly increased cost of providing you medical care, including introducing Telehealth services, and have provided some services at a loss to the practice over this time. We have done this as a service to our community but sadly we can no longer sustain this.

It is with regret we have to inform you we are no longer able to sustain bulk billing many services (that is providing your care for a rebate that sadly is a far cry from the cost of providing your care} and, with reluctance, will also have to raise our fees to more reflect the true cost of providing GP Services.

If you are genuinely financially disadvantaged, please speak with your doctor.

We thank you for your understanding and continued support.

How can you reduce your out-of-pocket expenses

Everyone who has a chronic disease can have a management plan and review done every 3 months. Our very capable nurses assist your GP with these appointments, and we will continue to bulk bill these visits. If you feel you qualify but don’t have a plan, please ask your GP or Nurse if you might qualify.

Everyone over the age of 75 qualifies for an annual health assessment. This enables us to pick up any emerging problems early and plan your care to help keep you independent. These assessments will also continue to be bulk billed. If you haven’t had one in the last 12 months and would like one, please see reception to book one.

Appointment type:


Chronic disease management plan (GPMP/Care Plan)

(a review of your care plan can be done every 3 months if required)

Once a year

75 + Health Assessment

Once a year

Heart Health Check (ages 45 – 74)

Once a year

How to make the most out of your appointment:

The following tips will assist you in maximising your appointments with your doctor and minimising out of pocket expenses.

These tips will also help your doctor run closer to time (although medical emergencies still occur and we appreciate your patience in advance).

Should you book in a standard or long consultation?

A standard appointment is for one straight forward matter only. Our standard appointments are booked out for 15 minutes as opposed to 10 minutes. If you have several items or one complex item to discuss with your doctor, please book in a long or prolonged appointment.

To assist yourself and your doctor, for a long or prolonged appointment, please consider writing a list of each thing you wish to discuss at your appointment to hand to your doctor at the start of your appointment. Please also list any prescriptions or referrals you need as well.

Prescriptions and Referrals:

Prescription renewals require the doctor to assess whether your medicine or dose is still appropriate or the best option for managing your care.

If you need help working out which prescription you need, please ask your pharmacist to assist you in preparing your list for your consultation.

A referral to see a specialist needs to be completed in advance to the specialist appointment.

We often receive calls from specialist’s rooms requesting a referral on the day of the specialist’s appointment (often the patient is standing in the rooms waiting!).

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the patients doctor to write a referral on the spot.

Therefore, if you have an appointment with your specialist, please call their rooms at least a week prior to ensure your referral is current and if it is not, please call and book in with your doctor so they can complete this referral.

Please note it is a requirement of Medicare that you have a current referral to see a specialist to get a specialist rebate. As a referral is a legal document, it is illegal to backdate a referral.

You can still see your specialist without a referral however, they will not have any up-to-date information about your clinical condition from your treating doctor so you may have to return for a second appointment and secondly you will get a reduced rebate from Medicare, meaning it will cost you more out of pocket.

We require patients to make appointments for prescriptions and referrals (even repeat/ongoing prescriptions and referrals) to ensure we are providing clinical review and continuity of care.

Chronic Conditions:

A very high percentage of our patient demographic have chronic conditions. As the management of a chronic disease is very complex, it is not possible to review management of these conditions in a standard consultation.

Medicare have introduced Chronic Disease Management Plans that are more suited to assessing and managing those patients with chronic disease.

We are also fortunate to have a great nursing team that are involved in helping your GP manage your chronic conditions. You benefit from the nursing expertise that they also bring to your care.

This places them in a position to help you if your GP is not available or you have a clinical query.

You can book a Chronic Disease Management Plan (care plan) once a year with 3 monthly follow-up reviews if required. These plans are bulk billed at One Care Family Doctors and help us organise your care throughout the year as well as limit your out-of-pocket expenses.

If you also qualify for a Team Care Arrangement (TCA), you will receive Medicare rebates to help pay for visits to Allied Health professionals. For example, Podiatrist, Physiotherapist, Dietician, Exercise Physiologist, etc.

Research shows that having your care managed by an appropriate team including you GP and Nurse improve your health and reduces the risk you will need hospital care.

Patients over 75 years of age:

Medicare funds an annual health assessment to get an overview of your health and identify any needs you might foreseeably have early. Even if you feel you are healthy it is still a good idea. It is surprising how often we pick up things you might not be aware of and make sure you get appropriate care prior to you having an emergency presentation. We would prefer to keep you well and independent rather than wait till things are an emergency. These appointments are also bulk billed at One Care Family Doctors.

Patients aged 45 – 74 years of age:

All adults aged 45 and over and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders aged 30 and over are eligible for a Heathy Heart Check. A Healthy Heart Check is a risk assessment and screening tool used to calculate your risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). These appointments are also bulk billed at One Care Family Doctors.

Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islander’s:

Medicare funds an annual health assessment for Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islander patients to get an overview of your health and identify any needs you might foreseeably have early. Your doctor and nurse will assess your physical, psychological and social function and consideration of whether preventive health care and education should be implemented into your care.

Driving Assessments:

Please let reception know if you need a drivers licence medical. Please fill out the appropriate form and take it to your optometrist and ask them to fill in their section prior to seeing your GP. If you require a commercial driving medical, please check with reception regarding which doctors do these.

The form for a Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver can be found here:$file/F3712_CFD.pdf


We have heavily invested in Telehealth facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic so that we can provide you care at home during the pandemic.

However, Telehealth options may also be helpful for busy people who struggle to get to the surgery at times. These appointments are billed similarly to your consultation at the practice.

“I just need a medical certificate or a prescription”

Sometimes you just need a certificate to say you are unwell and unable to attend work or school or you forgot a prescription at your last consultation. If it is a simple short matter, we can offer you a telephone or telehealth appointment with one of our GP’S to action your request.

Please ring reception to organise this.

OCFD now has a self check-in kiosk at our reception desk:

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Ensures regulatory checks and patient privacy.
  • Verify details in 5 seconds with the Medicare card reader.
  • No need to broadcast your details in the waiting room.
  • Check in with your Medicare card or personal details.