Frequently Asked Questions

The centre is dedicated to making a difference for every patient and is committed to providing excellence in patient care.

There are multiple bus stops around our building. The two nearest are:

OUTBOUND (on One Care Family Doctors side of Logan Road) – Stop 41 Logan Rd at Dittmer Park (just outside of KFC). This is about a 5 minute walk to new building. – The 172, 175, 599, P176 buses go to and from this stop.

INBOUND (on opposite side of Logan Road) – Stop 41 Logan Rd at Dittmer Park (on opposite side of road as above stop, right in front of Dittmer park) this is about a 5 minute walk to new building. – The 172, 175, 598, P176 buses go to and from this stop.

Travelling from Westfield:

You can take the 175 bus from the front of Westfield (stop 79c on Logan Rd) to stop 41

OR you can take the 598 bus from Garden City station stop K to stop 41

Our building is accessible to those in wheelchairs from both street access and in our car park

Depending on what tests you have completed, the turnaround time for results may be from 24 hours to a few days. You will be contacted either by your Doctor, one of our nurses, or from someone at reception to advise you that your results have come in and possible schedule a follow-up consultation to discuss.

If you haven’t heard from us, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and one of our friendly nurses can advise you if your results have come in yet.

If you hold a health care card or pension card please advise admin when you’re checking in so we can add this information to your file. You may be charged at a concession rate. See our ‘Fee’s’ tab for more information.

As we grow older our immune systems change and in order to provide optimum protection against influenza an enhanced influenza vaccine is required to create a stronger immune response.

If you have one issue to speak with your doctor about, a standard 15 minute appointment is suitable. If you have more than one issue to speak with your doctor about, please book a long, 30 minute consultation.

It is very important to book in the appropriate amount of time to accommodate what you wish to discuss with your doctor to ensure we keep wait times as sort as possible. Unfortunately one of the main causes of extended wait times is patients booking the incorrect length of appointment.

If you need urgent medical care outside of our business hours, please do not wait for us to open. Call 13SICK, the National Home Doctor for bulk billed* urgent after hours medical care. If you are in need of urgent attention, or are in a life-threatening situation, please call 000.

It can be frustrating when you are feeling unwell and your doctor is fully booked or on leave. Our doctors have the ability to supply access to your file to another GP at our practice to provide consistent care. Please consider seeing one of our other knowledgeable doctors if your doctor is unavailable.

Prior to entering the Medical Centre or booking over the phone, admin will ask you a few questions as part of our COVID-19 safety plan. We ensure everyone entering the practice (staff, patients, delivery people, contractors, service people, etc) have no COVID-19 like symptoms, are not waiting on COVID-19 test results or are/have been in recent close contact with a person who is positive for COVID-19.

We also have to check your ‘3 identifiers’ to ensure that the correct patient is booked in. We may ask you to verify your:

  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Medicare card number
  • Your MyGov account
  • Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) PH- 1800 653 809.

Most of our doctors do take on new patients. New patients can book online or give us a call to book.

If the doctor that you wish to see is not taking new patients, we have plenty of other doctors who would be happy to see you.